Dec 1, 2013

I Am Back...Sort Off

Hi Lovelies! As promised, it is the first day of December and I am back...Yey!!!

Well, thank you sa 5 kong blog readers na nakamiss sa akin. Hahaha. Anyway, my birthday month just ended but the celebration definitely did not end there. By the time you read this blog post, The Mister and I are celebrating our 16th Anniversary (4th Wedding Anniversary) with our first out of the country trip together. Yes, after all these years of love, respect and togetherness this is our very first INTERNATIONAL escapade together so it is kinda big deal for us.

But not to overwhelm ourselves we decided to go to a tourist friendly neighboring Asian country - Hong Kong - Macau. I did my standard operating procedure in planning trip for two - pray earnestly for financial provision and good deals, save up (self-imposed no credit card policy), await and book for promo fare, coordinate with a trip planner, finalize itinerary and pay amount due. I really thank God for His grace that He not only gives us what we need but also some for leisure.

However, what really kinda set me off my game was preparing for items to wear for the trip considering HK is already entering their cold season. Waaahhh... I have to be honest up to the last minute I was torn from comfie walking shoes or BOOTS! I have to keep in mind that from being sedentary I will be walking for hours and hours which I am not used to nowadays so I have to prepare my feet. But C'mon now, ang sarap kayang mag-OOTD ng nakawinter clothes, try mo sa Pinas yun syempre medyo mukha ka namang ewan di ba? This moment I truly understood the cliche - style over comfort. Babaw ba, hahaha... 

Just look at this really nice pair of suede ankle boots I found at Zalora Philippines...So Fab talaga!

Zalora PH even displays images of the product in different angles - top, bottom and sides: so, so cute. I am starting to covet it... Ehem! Christmas is just around the corner, any body who missed out giving me a birthday gift can surely make it up with this one. 

Kidding aside, I have to say Zalora Philippines is opening up new ways for shoppers to complete their shopping list with less hassle. Just check out their latest offering dubbed as Online Revolution wherein you no longer need to brave the traffic and find a parking spot at a crowded mall during this holiday season.

All you need is go to their website and register then these amazing bargains are already available to you. Will definitely try it out myself when I get back from the trip since this is available until Dec 11.