Dec 12, 2013

Camera Accessories at Sunlite Causeway Bay Hong Kong

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On our 3rd and last day at Hong Kong, we went around Causeway Bay to try to do some shopping with the last HK Dollar that we still have before flying back home that night. It was still a bit early so the malls are still closed but some smaller stores are already starting to set up. 

Across Sogo Mall at the Lockhart Road side, hubby and I entered a compu-electronics stall called Sunlite. He inquired about a small tripod that can be used in tables. The store attendant was quite attentive and while paying, hubby also inquired for a battery grip with remote control for his Nikon D3100. However, like I said we were already down to our last HKD so we could no longer afford it with the remaining change we have. I tried to be honest and the store attendant made some computation. He remarked with a smile "no business", I think he was trying to imply that they wouldn't make any profit at all. But I honestly told him the change from the tripod is the only money left on hubby's shopping budget so after a few minutes the attendant asked for additional $10HKD to have a good "morning business". Buena mano I think is what he means. I reached out for my pocket and there was a $10HKD coin.

So we started laughing and the attendant introduced himself as Jack. While testing the items, he took a picture of us and said "maganda". The more we laugh because he said he knows "konti lang" Filipino words. In case you are within the area and want to score good deal with some camera accessories, try out Sunlite and look for the very friendly Jack.

Find them at the Causeway Bay Area
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