Dec 5, 2013

Sa Sa Supreme: First Lifestyle Concept Store

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If you are my Facebook friend and have been to Hong Kong, most probably you have tagged me in one of your photos of a cosmetic retail store that has the pink background with "Sasa" logo.  Surely, I don't mind being tagged. I can't blame you because you won't be able to help yourself since the Sasa store has these cute little branches practically in every street scattered around the shopping areas.

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So in my last HK trip, I wanted to buy few trinkets from their shop as my pasalubong (gift from traveling) for the 2 girls in my work team. But I wanted something from "Sasa" line of products so it would have my name in it. Hihihi... Hubby and I did our shopping in Causeway Bay near the Times Square. Going around I saw one of their store that was much different from the rest - the signature pink color was combined with elegant gold background and reads as Sasa Supreme. My initial reaction was 'Why the Supreme?' as in Lucky Me Supreme Noodles I jokingly said. It is a famous instant noodles here in the Philippines.

But as soon as we entered the store, I kinda understood the idea why it was called 'Sasa Supreme' having very spacious aisles that stretches across two storeys of approximately 20,000 square feet. My second thought was 'Mahal ata dito'  (It might be too expensive in here) and worried because I was down to my last 100 HKD since it was already our last day in HK and was about to fly back home that night. But everyone is so friendly greeting us and the place is just quite inviting so I decided to go around while Hubby sat on the couch in the lounge area and connected online through their free wifi since he is already tired from all the walking.

I was able to find something for the girls and one lipstick for myself from Sasatinnie line. While paying in the cashier a very nice lady approached me and asked what I thought about the store. Suprisingly, she is actually the Director of Training and People Development, Mary Suen. Later, one of the branch Supervisor also introduced herself as May Leung. 

We chatted for a while and from them I learned that the 'Sasa Supreme' in Leighton Road, Causeway Bay was launched only last August 2013 and actually the very first lifestyle concept store. According to their official press release in their website, not only that it house prestigious beauty brands but the shop in itself is a beauty luxury-leisure hotspot. Just check out the Sasa Supreme sections below:

It is truly a one-stop shop for the women and even men who wants a day of pampering and shopping. Here are some more photos from their website photo gallery.

Elegant Facade
Cafe inside the store
Lounge Area

Many thanks to Ms. Mary and Ms. May for taking time to chat with me. More power to 'Sasa Supreme' and see you again in my next visit!

Sasa Supreme Location Map

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