Dec 11, 2013

Anniversary Gift to Hubby

Hubby was dropping hints that he wanted to buy a guitar for himself but considering that he just recently bought a mountain bike, he is still weighing in if he should buy one. But while channel surfing 2 weeks ago, I saw the RJ Guitar Center 1-Day Christmas Sale on Dec 7, 2013.

So, I thought it would be a great 16th (4th Wedding) Anniversary gift for him and we will be back from our HK-Macau trip by then. A day after of our actual anniversary, we checked out the RJ Guitar Center in Festival Mall Alabang right after my dentist appointment around 12nn, there were no customers yet for the 30% off deal. Hubby eyed for a couple of guitar designs and later when 6 o'clock pm came, he lined up like the rest of the customer and came home with his first choice with 50% off discount.

His Caption: Thank you Lord for a very loving and understanding wife @sasaramosyap as she continues to support me in my hobbies and interests.