Feb 25, 2012

First 2 Weeks High

I started with my new employer a couple of weeks ago. I'm already working on a project which I am really thankful for because that means I am already productive. Though I had to wait for almost a week before I got my own desktop and stayed in the conference room (together with other people) before moving to my own cubicle.

View from the conference room, I could see the whole metro and this is just one side of the view.

I'm just appreciative of God's work in my life -- how He brought me to this new opportunity. I know my knowledge and skills can be limited but I know His grace is sufficient and I'm believing He would work in me and through me so that I would thrive this year. I'm aware of the tough rat race out there but He is my source and He said in His word where I end, He begins...

Include me in your prayers for the best days ahead.