Feb 7, 2012

BIR TIN Card ID: Failed

Unlike my previous transactions with the government offices, my attempt to get a TIN Card ID did not quite go as I hoped for. 

I was already in a bus going back to EDSA-Ayala at 10 am yesterday after renewing my passport at the DFA Aseana office. I passed by my new employer first to drop off some of my pre-employment requirement then went to BIR Office found in 5F Atrium Bldg Makati Ave (fronting Ayala Triangle). I learned that it is Regional District Office No. 50 (RDO 50) South of Makati sector. I entered the door where the guard pointed me to and there was a table with CDs on top. The CD has a number written on it, so I got one and waited my number to be called by the Front Desk Officer.

I was holding #32 and #23 was the one being served. Sandali lang ako nag-intay kse when the personnel checks the applicant's info, he usually points him out to the correct RDO office that the applicant is under. So medyo kinabahan na ko because I first worked in Paranaque where my employer then got the TIN number for me. True enough, when the personnel checked my information he said I am registered under RDO 52. Schucks!

Anyhow, I have been working for 8 years (3 months Paranaque, 3+ years Cavite, 5 years Makati) and been paying my taxes even without my TIN Card ID so I don't think it is a must-have ID as long as you know your TIN Number.