Feb 22, 2012

CARAMOAN Postponed

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It is amazing how the Lord is mindful even in the little details in our lives as we follow His lead...

Few months ago, I prayed that I would be able to avail promo fare going to CARAMOAN. He answered it! We got booked today until Saturday. Early January, I prayed that His will be done in my career. He answered it, so I accepted an offer with a new employer. Being that it is only my 2nd week on the job this week, we decided not to go with the vacation. All this time, I knew sayang yung binayad ko sa airfare.

I got a call from the Cebu Pacific that the flight actually got CANCELLED and we had the options to book to the next flight, book a new flight within 30 days or cancel then refund the payment. How awesome is that!? I thank God for working on our behalf...Truly it is worth waiting upon the Lord because God's timing is always perfect!

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