Feb 5, 2012

Faithful God: House of Our Own

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Last year, God gifted us a 150K 2nd Hand Mitsubishi Lancer as our first car. He has also instilled in my heart to ask for a house that has 3 bedrooms, 2-car park garage and 100-200 sqm lot for our family. Aside from the money that we still don't have to make a down payment, we are still torn on where to buy one -- in Cavite or Metro Manila. So we are still seeking God's will on the location and provision. And as I wait upon the Lord, I've been searching houses online and I have been eyeing for this model for a while now but I find the monthly amortization for 20 years too high.

Lancaster Estate Cavite - Gabrielle at Manchester Village

So Hubby said a 2-bedroom is enough, I explained to him that I wanted the parents to live with us in their old age and he understood my concern. He suggested to get 2 units of 2-bedroom model, saying at least we have the privacy and we can use the other house eventually for renting or tear down the wall if a must in the future. I kinda like the idea and found this model, also within the same vicinity, but with another developer. The monthly amortization is much lower kahit 2 units pa yung kunin.

The Bible says, Matthew 9:29... "According to your faith will it be done to you" so I am holding on to the promise and look forward to the day that the Lord answers our prayers for a home.

*** 07 February 2012 | Update ***

So I was up late last night and just plotting out the computation for the houses especially considering the monthly amortization over a span of 20-30 years and to my surprise I ended up with the figures below:
3-Bedroom, 2 car park garage, 120 sqm

2 townhouse units

Check out the difference of the Actual Amount due to Interest vs. Total Contract Price (TCP)... it is such an eye opener! It is really best to save first for a while then buy a house in cash... sayang ang 3 million di ba, Lord?

So we are still praying for the Lord for provision and his perfect time for us to acquire a home.

 *** 01 July 2012 | Update ***

We went to Lancaster Estates to view their model houses. See my post here.

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