Feb 5, 2012

Unemployed: Checkpoint

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So it has been a week since I listed down my To do's, and here is what I have crossed out so far:

  • Get Postal ID bearing my married name
  • Replace my SSS ID to bear my married name
  • Get NBI Clearance
  • Go to the dentist
  • Pass requirements to my new employer
  • Go through the required Pre-employment Medical Exam
  • Renew my soon-to-expire passport with surname change due to marriage 
  • Get BIR TIN Card ID
  • Get Clearance Kit and last pay
  • Exercise: Kinect and afternoon run in Bonifacio Global City Fort to lose a few pounds for overall wellness 
  • Prayer and Fast to detox my body and to seek God's will for this year especially His assignment for me in this new place of work
After my visit to the dentist, I needed to rest for a while. The tooth extraction itself was painless, thanks to Dra. Aileen but the aftercare was a bit more painful than I expected. A couple of my teeth were removed so I was on medication until now to manage the pain. So I'm praying that all will be well so I could do the rest of my list.

Anyhow, God unexpectedly gave me something to do as well... I met a mom of three the other Saturday in the church. She just surrendered her life to Christ and was so eager to began her relationship with the Lord. I was so blessed with her passion and yesterday we started with her One2One. So that was a welcome assignment from the Lord and I'm just privileged in serving a God who loves us and is mindful of our lives.

I also got to print out the contact card I have been wanting to design for our small group. I distributed it yesterday and I was happy the ladies liked it. Thank you, Lord for this sweet moment.

Join us on our Kalog smallgroup for women -- Through Grace

Honestly, there is a part of me missing having to sit down on my workstation which I have been doing for almost 8 years now. But here's my little table at home, most of the things on top are my items from my previous workstation.

See the remote in the outer left? That's for the Digibox 'coz we recently subscribed to Sky Cable =)

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