Feb 11, 2014

The Biking Culture in Daang Hari

So even before hubby and I started going out back in high school, he has always been into biking. Come to think of it, my first memory of him is seeing him riding his bike around the neighborhood and then... we locked eyes! Hahahaha... True story but enough about that. It was unfortunate though that he got so busy. But after all these years of missing out on this good exercise, he finally decided to return to his roots.

He bought a beginner's Trek Mountain Bike, Minato, sometime in August last year. It was already typhoon season so he had to wait a month after before he was able to use it. Fortunately for us, we are living in Alabang gilid passing along Daang Hari where other bikers take a spin of their ride every weekend. 

I've seen a lot of photos since then and he has invited me once in awhile but my weekend mornings were reserved for catching up some Zzzzzs so hubby usually goes out with my bro-in-law. Until last Saturday, thanks to juicing I started to have a little more energy than the usual so I finally joined him. But because I don't have a bike (yet) we drove out Jarvis, our car, and parked at Petron Daang Reyna (across Starbucks and McDonalds) and power walked instead.

A few meters further from where we parked, I was greeted by this seemingly Biker's Convention under a Tent near Fernbrook Gardens. Think Mercato at BGC or Salcedo Weekend market but instead it caters mainly for bikers needs: lugaw and mami for their breakfast and a whole lot of apparel. Thus, I thought in my head, it is a whole culture out here -- a biking culture.

I am still undecided whether I should buy my own bike. There is a commitment issue and a space issue. Minato hangs in our apartment wall since it was bought. But I did enjoy riding Minato while we brought it at the Palms the last time. There is quick video at the end so click play.