Feb 16, 2014

BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

So its 2014 and I still hold true to my personal rule - no credit card. I have been using my ATM Debit Card for online buys but I wanted to shake things up and separate my savings from my online shopping budget. Enter BPI, you know they just have the practical solutions in most of my financial needs so I read on their Prepaid Card offering.

Additional perk is that I was able to avail BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard with just Php 350 through LivingSocial former Ensogo instead of regular Php 500 application fee. After signing up, I got an email that the card is already available at my nominated BPI branch.

I picked up my card and submitted the printout of the email notice. Ms. Rosemarie of BPI Ayala FGU also assisted me to register the prepaid card to my savings account. 24 Hours later I already transferred my initial load and started shopping. Hihihi....