Feb 28, 2014

FREE: Photobook Philippines

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I have a growing fond of creating photobooks through Photobook Philippines. I get regular email updates from them regarding promos and discounts but this particular email really caught me by surprise.

One FREE 6x6" 40-page mini square photobook?! Sweet!!! Hmm...I wonder if there would be any catch. I got the email right after V-day and it noted that it is valid only on Febuary 28. So my game plan was to use it for our Boracay trip but I have to create and finish the project super fast.

I already got a look in mind and I was able to finish up in a day after we got back from trip since I am already familiar with their easy to use application. At Feb 26, I was able to upload very early in the morning and I used the code provided during the ordering process and it was definitely FREE!!! <insert cartwheels here> From original price of Php 1,200 + Shipping fee, I only paid Php 200 for the shipment using BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard.

As I tracked my order in DHL, the excitement started building up when I saw that my order was already printed out and picked up from Photobook Worldwide - Malaysia office. The next day, I already received my order. Just look closely to the timestamp below! <insert victory dance here>

Despite the compact size of 6x6", I absolutely love it especially the quality of material used. Could not ask for more considering it is for free. Muah, muah!!!

Oh, hubby also had his own account with them and he also received an email. I used his code to order another copy of the same photobook so we could give it to my in-laws. Praise God for this freebie.

Thank you very much Photobook Philippines!!!
More about Boracay here.

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