Mar 21, 2013

My First Posh Pocket Shoes

Ella and I talked about shoes during one of our downtime in our HK Business Trip. How I became a shoe lover especially flats. Ever since we got back we have been ringing each other back and forth regarding the project we are working on but when she rang me up to check out the latest collection of Posh Pocket Shoes, I could not resist but to type in their url on my keyboard.

I am already familiar with the website through the courier Xend and have checked it out before. But this time, I found a style that I really like so a few clicks later I already placed my order for my very first poshie! Since I opted to pay Cash on Delivery, I received this two days later:

Nifty Bag
Expandable Bag
Pointy Leopard + 0.5" from my usual size
Snug Fit

Here is Ella's Instagram post on her first poshie
Cappy Emerald

Posh Pocket Shoes

From their website:  POSHies are chic, compact, yet fashionable flats that women can keep on hand whenever they need a time out from stilettos. POSHies are set to be every girl’s MUST HAVE, and are designed to solve an age- old problem for fashion conscious women. POSHies are not your disposable, average kind of rollable shoes. They have a solid, double-cushioned sole to make your feet extra comfy.