Mar 7, 2013

The Balinese Spa Alabang

All it had to take is just a little convincing, hubby and I found ourselves at the door of The Balinese Spa. The ambiance is quite inviting for the two of us who need the time off. But he is a bit shy though to take off his clothes *hihihi* so he opted for a foot spa instead while I availed the Signature Full Body Massage. I was glad that the masseurs still ushered us to a couple's room despite availing different treatments.

For a solid good one hour, we enjoyed the kneading of a professional. The Signature Full Body Massage is a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish Massage. It is relaxing without hurting your budget. 

The Balinese Spa
Level 2 Festival Supermall Alabang
Fronting the covered parking lot