Apr 2, 2013

iPad Accessories: SD Camera Reader

Thanks to AcQuabella by Penshoppe, I am now discovering the world of Apple. Unfortunately the iPad 2 Camera is very low quality compared to Samsung Galaxy Note which I came from. So the very first accessory I had my eyes on was the Camera Card Reader (to transfer my cam photos to iPad) but I find that shelling out a thousand bucks a bit too much.

Available at Apple Store Philippines

But thankfully, www.okayokay.com offered this 5-in-1 Camera Connection Kit for less than Php 300.00.

I wasted no time in ordering it and within 30 minutes of one Friday night, I was able to purchase it through BPI Express Online to Merchant DragonPay.

The delivery dates coincided to my out of the country trip so when I got back I immediately tested it and I am happy to report that it works! I also found the exact same kit in Sim City Mong Kok in Hong Kong  but it cost Php 500 when converted. So I was able to save up a couple of hundreds there.