Mar 9, 2013

I like to Move it, Move it!!!

Yeap there is no better way to say it but with a song -- 'I like to move it, move it...MOVE IT!

I basically became a nomad after the house I grew up got sold to pay off our family debt due to some bad business venture. Since then I have been moving every couple of years or so and I think it already rubbed off to my husband since this is our 4th lipat after we got married, hahahaha!

Now we headed to the south... Alabang!
From The Fort gilid to Alabang gilid bwahahaha!!!

Last few minutes at the previous apartment
cleaning up in between goofing off

The lipat bahay truck we contacted via
And my hubby, so beat up from the whole day lipatan

Let the sunshine
Me, resting for awhile from all the chores
Priceless Welcome Dance from the Head of the Household

It was another answered prayer for me... I just thank the Lord for giving us a safe and cozy place to stay near our workplace. Our new apartment is just 15 minutes and 2 blocks (walk) away from our south office. So instead of worrying about the traffic jam, I can now divert that focus and energy on other things.

I know this is part of His plan and I can sense He has an assignment for us in the 'south area'. May you use this home Father to be a place for relationship to be build with fellow believers.