Mar 5, 2009

Thank Yous

As of this writing, I am 8 months short from my 28th birthday. And fortunately, after all this years I have finally accepted myself as a person -- including my flaws while capitalizing on my strengths.

So allow me to take up this space in the internet to thank the people whom I have brushed off with in this lifetime. In some point in time our paths crossed (to others it was up close and personal and to some through other form of medium), and in one way or another they left a footprint in my simple existence.

... Parte sa pahubog ng aking pagkatao. At sa inyong lahat wala na kong maisusukli pa kundi ang munti ngunit lubos puso kong pasasalamat.

Mr. Antonio S. Ramos
Mrs. Gloria R. Ramos (deceased 2005)

For having the right biological make up in producing a baby who is oftenly teased at of having "Bumbayin" features. Yeap without these two people I would not have the wavy locks, big deep eyes, prominent nose, morena skin, crooked teeth, nunals in the right cheek and neck.

For giving me the good education and for the efforts of becoming a parent in the best way you know how.

Specific to Tatay, For honing my basic leadership skills.

Specific to Nanay,For leaving me her fondness of reading publications from Funny Komiks to the different women's magazine.

Mr. Romano R. Ramos

For being my constant companion in my formative years eventhough it is because you had no choice back then but to get stucked looking after your li'l overbearing sis.

For being my first role model... my idol right before my Manilyn Reynes, Madonna, Keempee de Leon, Carmina Villaroel and Aiza Seguerra phase. The main man who infused literature into my consciousness.

For sharing your philosophy to me - earth-shaking conviction to the most trivial.

Elise Antonia B. Ramos, my niece

For letting me discover my ability to love someone without even meeting them.


Dra. Aisha R. Gosingan

For being a young outcast in SMMS which led to a friendship that go beyond the usual time and space requirement of such bindings. My mood lifter, my gracious friend, my alter ego.

Ms. Maybellene Bioc

For sharing my feisty Cavitena, Paulinian, Ako-ay-Programmer 'tude. We have so much fun just being us. Bratinnella with a heart.

Mrs. Glenn Gamat-Daluz

For teaching me to have patience to a friend who is mostly unreasonable but thoughtful. I am happy I learned to be patient because I would not have seen you grown to the mother you are today.

Ms. Jamie Lou Ignacio

For the no-fuss friendship over the years since college. Isa sa mga friends ko na di ko pa nakakaaway. Thank you for always being there for me.


MIS Family

For being there during the death of my mom. Allowing me to go through work, to have a normal life. To Sir Kuwabara/Yamaguchi/Sekine, Erin, Mark R, Mam Donna and Sir Gary.

The Production Team - Ariel, Alris, Jayson, Harlene, She and Earl

For giving me a chance to lead a great team. We should have royalties to the paCheeseburger ka naman commercial.

G2 Family

For the constant challenges that our team faces on a daily basis.

To my kapwa alipins Bless, Cheri, RC, Merlyn, Dane, Marlon, Nil, Sam, JK and Cha for the chance to collaborate with such diversity in a group.

To Mond, Klint, Jo, Bea, Raiz, Vince and Benson for co-existing harmoniously even if you are on the other side of the fence.


Secret Society of the Creatives  (Joysters)

To Joel, Irish, Jos, Erwin, Jenny, Ira, Walter, Bry, Jim, Earl, CJ, Migz and Micah

For the non-stop laughters.
For filling up my social calendar outside office.
For consistently rejuvenating my oftenly stressful days.

Pastor Hurdie

For the leadership, vision and passion.
For being a catalyst of blessings.

Bro-Ninongs Ernie Famy, Hamir Abaluyan, Gilbert Toledo

For your life testimony.
For veering away from stereotyped preachers.

Mr. Roger Yap and Mrs. Zeny Yap

For the values you have imparted to your son.


Mr. Jason B. Yap

The hardest thank you goes to you Beb...

For the conscious and constant desicion to be with me on this journey. Much of the woman I am today is because you have been with me every step of the way. Taking a close interest of how I live my life and for the shield of protection you have put up, making me feel secured of where I stand. Nobody does it like you do it Jasey.

You have allowed me to experience all sorts of emotions -- some, which I am not even aware of that I had within me. My soul lives with gladness because I have you.

Dear Lord God

Salamat po.

Sa pagmamahal, tiwala at pagbabantay