Mar 18, 2009

SasaRrized T-shirt Designs


First off, lemme just congratulate a friend of ours (Jasey & I), Mr. Joel Manangan for getting his business DTI license for his very own start-up clothing company. Congrats Kapatid! May you be a blessing to others and start behaving para tuloy na ang good fortune for your career.

We've been talking collaborating on some of the possible designs that we can probably put up on sale in the market. But its still in a tropa level talk nothing to serious. Just some ideas we could probably put in the pandoras box until the time felt right. Hehehe...

But anyway, if our Big Boss Upstairs (aka God) permits and all things materialize. I would like to start things off with "Hometown Collection" theme.

Here are some of the things I have in my head for the shirts:


Text read as:

- from the Tagalog word Kabit-e

- from the word Kalawit or hook (shaped land)

- originally calles as Kawit-e


sasaRrized, word definition

- a verb coined by the designer Sasa R. Ramos to describe the act of making her ideas visible or tangible for others to see or experience. Since those ideas give the goosebumps once the thought has crossed her head and the only way to share it with people is to through the creation of such

- etymology: sasa (name of the designer) - R (always written in UPPERCASE) stands for Ramos, her maiden surname - rized - the emphasis on the actual act that the designer have put her ideas into action thus the 'd' to signify the past tense form.

- note: Rrized - the two "r" are deliberate since designer's initial is SRR (middle name, Ramirez). Hence, 2r in the back logo

- think: realize, emphasize, summarize