Mar 15, 2009


Just got home from our CJF crib (aka the Church), and without further adieu I present to you our bulletin board dubbed as the 'joyster.portal'

*pix to follow (penge joel and walti) *

After some time of planning and finding myself in the aisles of different branches of National Bookstore and Office Supplies Warehouse around the metro.

After staying up late and attempting to create with my very minimal experience in crafts and digital art.

After falling asleep in the middle of scissors, glues and construction paper...the joyster.portal has finally found its home in a 3"x8" landscape whiteboard at the side of CJF building.


Very minimalist yet each item has been carefully designed to meet its purpose and work in cohesion with each other as I tell the story of what CJF (Christian Joy Fellowship) is all about at a glance. A lot of things I had on paper has not been put up yet but allow me to say that with all efforts; I have done it with bliss as I offer my simple act to the Lord.


In between of sticking my features with adhesive magnet to the whiteboard, I also joined the band practicing for the next service as a "frustrated" (emphasis on frustrated) back up singer. This one is just for the kicks to be able to sing with top CJF vocalist -- direk Joel and of course the luv of my life, Jase, also known to others as the Music Ministry Head.
I ran to the mic when finally the quartet - Elysse, Irish, Micah and Cha started hitting the right notes to the Hillsong's King of Majesty and The Stand. Also present at the practice are Walter, Migz, Jimson and Tin.


Yawn! Time to hit the sack. Gud nytie