Mar 25, 2009

Health is Wealth


Its my 3rd lab test for the past 3 consecutive months. I've been medicated for having an infection a month ago and since then I've been wary to any sudden changes in my body. I've learned from that diagnosis that I should take some minutes to give my body a break every few hours everyday. It's been beneficial to me really -- I became more collected, focus and more productive at work. Plus the fact that I get to retouch my simple make-up. Hehehe...

I guess more people notice the latter than me being more collected. Hahaha. But actually it is the only time in the whole day I could take a deep breath. Instead of staying in the rest room doing nothing I would powder my face and in between I would take deep breaths, stretch my back and say a quick prayer of thanks.

I can't afford to go to a spa or take a vacation but hey it works!

But yesterday I woke up feeling a little ill, marami pa rin kseng nagkakasakit dahil nga sobrang init. The feeling didn't go away the whole day. I was hoping I would get better when I woke up today but I had no choice but to text my boss and say I can't come in (so much for my goal of a perfect attendance this March).

I decided to get retested just make to sure I wasn't recuperating from my infection and this is just a normal flu. As I waited in the lobby of the hospital for my health card form for the lab test. I tiptoed to the weighing scale placed at the side of the lobby. And to my delight, I lost 6 lbs from the last time I weighed myself from the same scale while waiting for my turn a month ago.

Yes! A few more lifestyle changes I would be reaching my goal soon enough. I hope the test would result into something that is not alarming.