Mar 23, 2009

Easy Like a Sunday Morning


After a month, BFF (Best Friend Forever) and I hook up yesterday. We started off the iternary by attending the 3rd Sunday Service since SO (Significant Other) was scheduled to play the the guitar during the church service.

We stayed a little while, giving in to PHD's request for BFF to have lunch for the meantime. Our main goal really was to sit down and have a decent conversation to catch up on things -- past, present and future. So instead of going straight to my apartment, we decided to take a detour to a nearby Mcdonalds to beat the summer heat.

Like the old days, the three of us started chuckling with our non-stop exchange of sentences. The top 2 statements for me were:

- Some Dad actually read a manual entitled: What to say to your daughter when you screw up when they grow up?

Yeap both of our dad screw up just recently, 2 different offenses but the same excuses/dialogue. So instead of wallowing over how imperfect our fathers turned out when they got into a certain age we just ended up laughing on what were the steps in that alleged manual.

- Next statement blurted out by my SO. "WOW!"

BFF was looking like her regular girly self so it wasn't a surprise to me when guys started catching our attention. SO have seen BFF in her best katulong outfit style whenever we hang out at their place so I guess he as mesmerize as the other guys whenever he sees her. (I mean lets face it, guys really take a second look whenever a pretty girl passes by moreso whenever some skin is involved. But not my guy.)

BFF just came back Baguio to iron out some things with their family business. So she took out 1 jar of preserved strawberry jam from her purse and as I suspected SO will definitely like the pasalubong. What I didn't expect was him blurting out a solid mesmerized "WOW".


Random things over the weekend

- Saw Bamboo performance in a rerun of MP3 season 1 at Ch 5 promoting latest album "Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday". It was aired originally last Dec. It has been a year since we SO got to shook hands with him in their Winston Concert at Island Cove.

- Missed my 1 and only niece, so I called Kuya via 3g to say a quick hello

- Things I wanna do with my 3 fave person (SO, BFF, SFAM - sistah from anodah modah) Go to a vacation spot that requires a boat or a domestic plane. Go to either Hongkong, Japan or Singapore for the first time