Nov 28, 2009

Bridal Shower

My BFF... throwing me a bridal shower?
Are we talking about the same Aisha Gosingan?
Throwing me? ...
A Bridal Shower?
This I got to see!!!

Last Nov 6 meeting, they (the girls) kicked me out of my own house to ehem... for a lack of better term, quote/unquote... to "organize" me a bridal shower. A few weeks after, I got a text that my bridal shower would be today in the semi-private room in Rosello Cafe Gahak and BFF would pick me up. I shrug it off and just went with the flow.

Not that I don't appreciate BFF's effort but given the circumstances it would be hard for her to pull it off. One she ain't really friends with my other girlfriends, two she's busy and three she simply doesn't do events organizing. But like a fair person, I gave her the benefit of the doubt after all its for me and I WON'T HAVE TO PAY A SINGLE CENT for it. Everybody likes a free dinner once in a while, right?

Yesterday, Groomy asked me what are we gonna do in the said shower. I honestly didn't know but from the tone of his voice, he is just probing about the possibility of a male stripper. I assured him that most of the possible attendees would be from our church and its a resto so I don't think there would be any male booty shaking bod portion.

Come late afternoon, she was at my doorstep at 4 pm. Hmmm... she's improving on her time huh, she said she will be here by 3:30 pm. I had her come over so I could finally have my gown fitting. I little hila over there, I little hila over here... and wala I'm wearing my wedding gown in a non-aircon house just imagine my sweats and hers as well! It took us a couple of hours to finally put everything to their right places, just like Grace said (of defunct sitcom, Will & Grace) "It's like building a boat!" 

In between pulling my gown corset string, BFF mentioned about she was able to hire a performer. HUWWAATT??? Para kong binuhusan ng malamig na tubig... my mind fast forwarded to the scene after the party, meeting groomy after the shower.... GOODNESS patay talaga ko! I kinda scolded her and mentioned na never na syang itutrust ni Groomy...

Ooopppss... bibitinin ko muna kau. Watch out for the palm-sweating experience. To be continued...