Nov 2, 2009

The Bride's Curls and the CJF Pre-Nup Meeting

Got up early to finish up my household chores and went straight ahead to Dhel's new salon. We have been talking about getting curls for my hair just to enhance its natural wave.

After a couple of hours and so...VOILA! New look for my 28th Birthday. Hihihi :) In between the curling process I handed out Dhel's invitation for the wedding. I hired him/her as my Bridal Make-up artist. But to my surprise he/she got teary-eyed upon seeing his/her name on the Table Assignments: SEAT 10 TABLE 1 (Bride's Family). Touched ang lola nyo, belat.

Groomy gave a thumbs up for the new look and so was my BFF who came in earlier for my advance birthday dinner. She also mentioned of throwing me a bridal shower of some sort. She even asked Pastor's blessing if it is alright to take me to a bar and drink some cocktails. But Pastor passed the ball to Groomy and I quote "Sya na ang nagmamay-ari dyan." Let's see how it will turn out.

7 pm came and most of my invited guests made it for dinner at Lydia's Pancit Malabon - Noveleta just a few stones away from my house. We had to change venue since Rosello was closed for the holiday. Pastor with Sis Mabel and Ninong Hamir came in. Ninong Ernie through wife Sis Lanie thoughtfully sent a cake since he couldn't make it. The whole CJF Tropa was complete and that only spells one word: KAGUGULO!

For dessert we went to my tiny apartment where I blew my 28th Birthday candles and Pastor bought me my fave 'Very Rocky Road' Selecta Ice Cream. The party started when we played Eat Bulaga's Pinoy Henyo and my studio type apartment got filled with laughters. On a more serious tone, we discussed a few details about the wedding and Ninong Hamir generously offered their Toyota Adventure as my Bridal Car. So that solved our transportation problem. Buti na lang!

The party ended by 11 o'clock, I gave Groomy a well-deserved hug for helping me out in the celebration.

Heart & Choi, daughters of Jen and Erwin, gave me a birthday card wishing and hoping they could come for the wedding... awww!

Dear Lord,

I continue to give thanks to you for giving me all these people who became a family and generously offered us help and love. I pray that you bless them and may our relationship with each and everyone continue to grow. Amen.