Feb 10, 2013

Free Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with Globe Plans 999

My two-year old Samsung Galaxy Fit is starting to be inconsistent. But I am hoping I could still maximize its lifespan up to next year since I don't have a phone budget for this year. I mindlessly drop by Globe website when this banner flashed on the screen:

Hmmm..."PRE-ORDER" That's the word that stood out for me, meaning...I will still have time to think and cancel the application just in case I decided not to push through with it. So I filled out the form not just once because I kept getting an error everytime I click the submit button. I even reported it to @talk2Globe Twitter account.

They did not get back to me if the error was fixed but I tried for one last time a few days after...Error still. Since I am busy at work, I moved on but lo and behold a Globe sales agent contacted me confirming my application. 

I was still doubtful I would be approved because I don't have a credit card. (I remember my former office mates needing it for their iPhone plans.) I still sent out my requirement - government ID, 1 month salary payslip and Certificate of Employment. I was still being asked for a proof of billing and the first thing that came to mind was my Globe Broadband Landline subscription. When the sales agent learned that I am already a subscriber, he waived the last requirement and mentioned that he will just need to verify my standing as dutiful paying subscriber. Ehem, yun naman alam kong pasado ko hihihi.

During the processing and validation period, I prayed and asked God kung para ba talaga sa akin yung phone? I was just amazed that even though I kept getting an error the application went through then even though I don't own a credit card I was still entertained. I thank God for the blessing and also prayed to continue providing for me para sa monthly bill. Hahahaha.

I revisited Globe website and studied closely their new offerings and procedure - to my surprise they do have a lot of revisions in their process from what I already know. For one, existing subscribers only need to submit a valid ID. For non-credit card holders, you can pay in cash. When applying online, you get exclusive freebies. Lastly, the thing that impressed me the most is they actually deliver the phone to you!!! 

I started being fond of online buying and deliveries last year - shoes and whatnot. Items not going over than 1K but a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini delivered right at my doorstep is just crazy for me considering not a single agent has met up with me in person for my application. But this is really a big convenience especially for busy people who do not have the luxury to go to the malls and line up in the business center.

Moving along, the last verification they did was on a Friday. Come Monday morning, I already received a call that my phone is ready for delivery the next day. But unfortunately, I am deployed at the client office site and they need to deliver on the stated address in my application - my main office or at home. I chose home so I waited a few more days (imagine the excitement building up by this time) and got it on a Saturday.

Alas, we are in the last stretch of this post. Presenting to you Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with Globe Unli Surf Plan 999 (also available in consumable plan). It came with a Free Samsung Flip Cover and a Globe Micro SIM card but the slot is for a regular one. For more information on technical specification of the S3 Mini, visit their website here.

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Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with free Flip Cover
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