Dec 22, 2011

DSLR, A Beginner

Ever since Digital SLR flooded the market scene, hubby and I have been holding of our desires on buying one. We had the usual point and shoot Samsung camera and last year we purchased a 6-month old bridge Nikon Coolpix camera from my officemate, naming it Trixie, after the seller.

But we couldn't deny the photographer blood that is in us. I do not want to say that we are artist wannabes but I'm really believing that God has wired us to have passion in capturing pictures. And I'm not at all saying that we are already good at it but with His grace, if He is willing for us to be great on it, who are we to say no. With continuous counsel, we sought after His will because we do not want to purchase if it is only because of our human desires. We know that we would buy only to give glory to be used in His kingdom.

So last Sunday, hubby went to SM Makati to meet up with a seller, Dianne's Gadget & Gizmos, that he texted the night before. After a couple of hours he came back with our latest conjugal property. Yey!