Dec 26, 2011

Post 2nd Wedding Anniv Celebration

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The very first photo series captured by our newest Nikon D3100 that is yet to be named. God has been gracious that after 14 years, we enjoy being silly and experiencing this earthly life together.We dine it at Yakimix Greenbelt Branch over lunch and enjoyed their buffet before going to church.

I love this guy so much and I always thank the Lord to have the privilege to share this life with him. We have been together for the past 14 years and nope I never felt 'sawa' being with him. I believe that is possible through God's grace. Because if you ask us, we could not give you a list of how to's to make a relationship work. I truly believe it is just a gift from the Lord -- made possible only through His goodness. We are delighted to continue spending time and dream together with God at the center.

How can you go wrong when you first love the Lord individually and together then each other? Add to that is some worthy perspective like:
  • Communication, not everyone is good with words but learn and adopt your own couple's language - verbal or non-verbal cues.
  • Never lose respect to each other especially in the middle of an argument. It doesn't give you the license to mock the other person just because you know every little imperfect thing about him. So do not lash out hurtful personal attacks, stay within the boundary of the issue. Respect also applies during happy times such as social gatherings by making unmindful joke about your partner's idiosyncrasies. Tease each other during cuddle time when the mood is light.
  • It is your responsibility to see your partner in a different light EVERYDAY. Yes, find out what is new to the other person on that day. People change, they evolve. So even if you have been together for so many years they could still have something new to offer. Notice each other even with little changes like new haircut, new shirt, new nail color or trying to kick off some bad habits. You noticing will help the other person be encourage to improve.
  • Be passionate. As an individual, keep your interest (if you can share it with your partner do so). As a couple, keep the romance alive and the fire burning. Being married allows you to consummate your love to each other, created to fully enjoy it within the bounds of your marriage.

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