Jan 5, 2014

Carless Sundays at Filinvest Alabang

I could not sleep last Saturday, I think I doze off at around 2am. So come Sunday morning, hubby woke me up with a slight nudge and motioned for us to jog. I shook may head to answer no but he insisted...

I knew in my heart of hearts that deep down inside I knew he was right and I had to submit to him. I have been praying for divine health this 2014 (freedom from subclinical hypothyroidism and return to normal weight) and this is one of the many adjustments in my lifestyle that I just have to do.

While parking Jarvis (our car), we noticed some road closure at Parkway Street near Festival Supermall and soon we realized that this is actually part of Filinvest Alabang campaign of "Carless Sundays" from 5-10am to encourage outdoor fun for people who lives within the vicinity.

A few minutes after, I already found myself walking wearing my Sassa Activewear and Skechers Go Walk Shoes. There were other families there doing their morning exercise as well - some brought their own bikes with them, some opted to rent from the bike rental kios, some jogged and some are like us: walked.

We headed towards the Palms Country Club area and encircled around it. There, you could also find a bike trail. Noticed the elevated rocks in the picture below?

Some wild plants have also grown in the untrimmed lots making the air slightly cool and fresh. It is like being warped to the province in an instant so it was nice.

So see you guys next Sunday? 
Cheers to fitness this 2014!