Apr 4, 2013

Summer = Bayo + Boracay Contest

When I read about the Summer Bayo Boracay Contest, I quickly grabbed one of my FB collage picture wearing my fave Red and White Checkered Bayo blouse from last year trip at Canyon Woods Residential Resort and submitted it in their Photo Contest Page.

Then I realized I made a boo boo and re-read the instructions -- Bayo: A Colorful Life, Celebrate the Colors of the Philippines!!! Hihihi so what it means is that my pictures should include colors of the Philippine Flag - Blue, Red, White and Yellow. Thankfully they allow doodles to be added in the photo to complete all four colors so I submitted these two photos.

Entry Photo #1
Entry Photo #2

We have never been to Boracay Island and have been eyeing for a seatsale since the start of this year but no luck yet. Who knows this might be our chance to go there and what better way to do it but for FREE at Discovery Shores! Best of luck to others who joined. Below is the recap of the contest procedure.