Feb 1, 2013

Heading South

Yihiiii.... I am so giddy!

Less than a month from our corporate prayer and fasting, God has already answered one of my faith goals-- to work within the same vicinity as hubby, that is in Alabang.

This week was my first in our south office. Praise God and I am already collecting memories from the morning and evening travel time I have with hubby (just like we used to have during college days commuting from Kawit to Manila). That's a good 45 mins - 1 hour additional kulitan in the am and pm. Plus, our south office is way less crowded and relaxed allowing me to focus more on my assignments.

For sure this is just the beginning of my many posts as I discover the area of the south. Here's a few instagram pixies:

Day 1: View from my building
Day 3: Decided to walk to get familiar with the area
SLEX Tollgate - Alabang Exit
At the Passenger Seat with my fave driver