Jan 18, 2013

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Nope I am no Twilight fan... I have no clue what is in the book. The first two movie, I saw only at home way later after it was shown but I do love this OST. For my ears, it is right up there with Train's Marry Me. If ever we do a renewal of vow of some sort and give out CD souvenirs again, I would probably include these two songs.

Happy listening...feeling some goosebumps already. Sigh!

Throwback: Here is the list of the song included in our wedding souuvenir. Layout by my big bro, Manong Ramos. 12 His Picks, 12 Her Pics and 6 Our Picks. 12th Anniv on 12/06 when we got married. Did you get it? Hihihi.