Jan 16, 2013

Seriland: Trick Art Museum and Mirror Maze

Right after attending our cousin's wedding on Rizal Day, our family took a detour to Seriland which is located inside the 2nd Floor of the Manila Ocean Park. As expected there were a lot of people and it was quite confusing but we just entered the building and asked the guard for direction. We were instructed to go left (from the door) and take the escalator. But right before the escalator we saw a booth selling the Seriland ticket. There were actually 4 areas but we were just interested to see the Trick Art Museum.

From their regular price of Php 150 per area, they were on sale for the holiday for Php 99 only. So we decided to see Trick Art Museum and Mirror Maze.

We entered the first area, the Trick Art Museum. It was actually just a small area if you ask me, with different illusion paintings on the walls and the floor. It might just be me but I didn't get the paintings at a glance so I had to look at the instructions found at the side of each artwork. Camera flash is not allowed and the key is to angle your camera to capture the illusion because if you don't walang kwenta hahaha!

When you do visit the room, wag KJ. Be ready to emote and be creative when you pose so your pictures will look amazing. Also, make sure your photographer is capturing the right angle.

Next area was the Mirror Maze. Medyo natakot ako when the staff was giving us instruction plus not knowing where to go and a bit dark. Good thing the attendant really assisted us throughout the maze. If you think about it, sobrang liit lang talaga nung room but because of the mirrors installed, parang ang haba-haba nya. Paikot ikot kami until we found our way out into the black curtain with the EXIT sign.

Just be careful and don't run around because you might bump into a mirror. Enjoy!