Jul 11, 2014

The Happy Diet: Taste of the World in a Brown Bag

So last month I went to a new OB and was asked to take some lab exams -- just SOP so she could have a baseline. One of which is checking my blood sugar and it was a few points above the high range. Well having a sweet tooth, I knew deep down that it is finally time to buckle up and be adult with my eating habits. Enough with the excuses but I honestly don't know where to start...

I have been seeing several healthy food deliveries in IG so I decided to try one that caters here in Alabang. The Happy Diet offers 1200 calories/day that includes 3 meals with 2 snacks per day.

Week 2 Menu

I didn't take as many photos of each meal but I got to tell you, I enjoy mostly the different rice mixes even the plain brown rice. I also got some sweet fix, thanks to their Sweet Potato, Brownies and Chocolate Pancakes. 

From the usual American-Size of fast food chains, I slowly got used to the portion because of the rich flavors. Although the pasta, oatmeal and barley cake is something getting used to but the rest of it was deli!!! What was interesting is they whip cuisines from different countries -- Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, Singapore, African and the likes.

By the end of the second week, I was feeling a whole better compared to  my usual lethargic self and I lost 1.5" off my waist!