Aug 2, 2014

That Night at BF Homes Paranaque

A few months ago, we learned about the BF Homes route near the subdivision gate via Alabang-Zapote road. We were excited about it because a lot have been said regarding the Aguirre St. for its line-up of home grown establishment within the area. For foodie like us, it was an alternative choice from the usual dining at the mall.

One weekend in June, we came back from Makati and decided to grab a quick dinner there before heading home. It was only our 3rd time to explore the area when the unfortunate incident happened...

My usual double-lock-and-check-kinda-hubby became quite complacent seeing that the village have several guards around the vicinity -- from the different gate points, going around and in most establishment. Our chosen resto had full parking already so we parked just a little few steps away at the side street. After our 45-minute dinner, sarap pa ng tawanan namin pabalik ng car. 

Upon riding the car, hubby immediately noticed something odd at the passenger's seat. I looked at his worried face and asked why -- "Basag yung salamin natin sa likod... at nawawala yung bag ko!"

He was referring to the camera bag, which he usually puts at the trunk but that time he didn't, containing his DSLR camera, iPad2lens, SD Cards and card reader. It was black and discreetly hidden under my seat and not too exposed. Two-years-worth of gadgets na gifts and pag-iipon. But to cut the story short, we had the presence of mind to report it immediately to the Village Security Staff who assisted us in the process and escorted us to the police station in the next days. 

We were carless for a month as we wait for the insurance claim to get approved and for the casa to make the repair. Lesson-learned (an expensive one) from our end. On the same night, while hubby is filing the reports, I was already busy changing passwords of the accounts in the iPad2.

Thank God it is over! I am happy that we survived it without any scratch and our teamwork just got stronger minus the blame game. Now, when hubby enters the village and gives his name the guards they would reply --- "Ah, yung BASAG-KOTSE"

Ingat po palagi...