Jul 6, 2014

PLDT Techpad, Enhancing Services on the Field

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All is not lost with PLDT... Yes, it is a dream come true!

I know, i know I am being melodramatic but I have limited connection at home through mobile data plan since we moved here in the south and it so happen that the exact location of our apartment has weak signal. So this took a lot of patience for a techie gurl like me.

When our landlord spotted the PLDT crew installing in another tenant, they called us up to follow up ours. I explained to the crew our predicament. Yes, it was already a predicament and I couln't figure out what in the world is happening to our application -- TWICE.

Milan Garcia, who embodies his title as a Customer Service Specialist, was quick to apologize. He responded right there and there deciding to redo my application on the spot. He took out the Techpad using their own product PLDT Telpad from their van and got my information details and processed my application electronically on-site. After clicking submit button in his Techpad, I refreshed the email inbox on my phone and saw that I got a copy of my application. He excused himself for a moment to call up their operations office to verify they received the application and requested to expedite my request.

Bonifacio Global City and Las Pinas/Alabang Crew (R-L) Jhun Abella Field Service Engr; Milan Garcia, CS Specialist and Eric Edralin, Field Service Engr

Milan and Eric are actually from BGC area where the Techpad gadget was initially launched . They were currently training the Las Pinas-Alabang crew headed by Jhun on the said tool. So simply put I was their guinea pig, hahahaha!!! 

Basically the Techpad is designed to actually help out the crew when they are doing field work. Containing apps for their field crew to have consumer information on their products and operations capabilities. At downtime, it can also serve as gaming and entertainment console. They were also excited to use it right in front of me to test it out. Hubby actually took a quick video of it while they explain it to to me but you have to forgive my kadugyutan as I was in my pambahay mode so early in the morning.

To cut the long story short, they installed in our home 3 days later and I am now blogging using my PLDT Connection. Yay! Thanks, Sir Milan for redeeming my faith in your company after all the bruhahahaha. Kudos!!!

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