Mar 4, 2014

Happy Plus Card, Cashless Payment with Rewards

I grew up with Jollibee and being a busy office employee, you can't help but include going to fast food chains in your "diet" at least once a week. So it makes a whole lot of sense to avail Happy Plus Card.

Happy Plus Card

It is a reloadable card that you can use to pay up your orders not only in Jollibee but as well as to other JFC Group food chains like Chowking, Red Ribbon and Greenwich.

I particularly availed mine at Chowking El Molito in Alabang. I just paid Php 100 to get the Happy Plus Membership Kit at the counter and loaded another Php 100 to pay off my lunch order.

Upon returning to my desk at the office, I also registered my card in their website to earn more raffle points and monitor my Happy Plus Card account. Here is a video for more details.