Mar 21, 2014

Blogger's Night at Molito Alabang: BBQ Chicken and Beer

It is going to be a long Friday night for The Yaps Tandem but hey who are we to complain. We got invited by Molito Alabang for their very own Blogger's Night wherein we could go around the vicinity and visit participating establishment. First Stop in our itinerary is: BBQ Chicken and Beer.

Spacious with around 10 tables with seating capacity of 4 to 6 each table. It is a good place for those who just want to chill. 

They are known of course with their Korean Styled Chicken -- Best Seller is the Paris Chicken. A dish consist of 8 pieces of a bit tad spicy chicken wings with cabbage on the side.

While waiting they also have a complimentary deep fried pasta that you can munch on. As born-again Christian, we don't drink beer so as an alternative we had lemon ice tea which was deli! Not your galing sa sari-sari store ice tea. Price ranges from Php 200-400 per dish. 

Catch more photos soon....