Mar 1, 2014

Freebies with Starbucks Card - Philippines

Around Chinese New Year last January, I had a few moolah to spare so I availed the reloadable Starbucks Card. One of my officemate has one and explained the advantage of paying via prepaid SB Card instead of cash. She also mentioned that I will get 1 free drink just by registering the card online.

Since hubby's birthday was coming up during the time of registration, I strategically registered it under his name so we could get the birthday sweet treat soon rather than waiting for mine which is way at end of the year. The original plan was to avail it at the day of his birthday while we were in Boracay but unfortunately that did not push through. But good thing we could avail the freebie while it is still his birthday month. 

Photo from Starbucks IG account 

Lugi nga lang kase 28 days ang Feb and we got very busy after returning from our vacation. But we tried squeezing in a quick rendenvous at Starbucks Alabang Town Center a day before the month of March began. Yes, success!!! The birthday boy opted for a blue berry cheesecake as his free pastry and shared it with me...Yum!