Oct 4, 2013

The Spa Greenbelt: Spa Reflexology

I was gone from the office for almost two weeks, I had another episode of my thyroid problem. So imagine my teammates barely breathing during those days to take on my workload. True enough, I got some cheering when I finally reported back to work. My heart melted after reviewing all the issues they handled while I was away so I decided that it is worth a splurge to treat them somehow. But instead of dining out, I thought it would be better to treat them for a much needed massage.


I am reporting in the Alabang office branch while they are in Makati branch so I decided that since it is their day off anyway, I will meet them up in Makati. I checked out several options but the best arrangement was with no less than The Spa in Greenbelt 1 Paseo de Roxas Makati.

I made a reservation a day before our planned date and chose the cheapest whole body massage I could afford since I will be paying for the three of us -- The Spa Reflexology for Php 600 each.

I came in just a few minutes before our appointment and immediately paid my dues. However, my teammates had to finished up something before leaving the office so The Spa staff kept on checking with me where were companions. They are really strict when it comes to time but finally the girls made it before our grace period lapsed.

It was my first time to try out The Spa because I am a bit intimated because of their very posh ambiance but however I realized that once in a while you need to enjoy such things. The one in GB1 is Asian-themed and got this hotel feel. It is quite luxurious to look at even if it is in a smaller space comparing to their Alabang and The Fort branch. Funny thing is that I got lost in the female room when I had to use the rest room. The room contains the locker, shower, changing room and common vanity mirrors. 

But moreso, the service itself was worth it! We were ushered to a common room that has 4 massaging chairs, LCD TV and relaxing music. It is perfect for sparties with intimate friends. We were still at first chatting but as soon as the therapists started working on each one of us, we shut up, and kept quiet until the end of our session. 

Since you do not have to undress for the reflexology, I think my hubby would like it as well. The hot pillow and the cracking my lower back spine, grabeh, I felt my vertebrae aligning. This is highly recommended for hardworking people like us!

Several Photos are from their official website: