May 4, 2013

G'bye Victor, Hello Jarvis

Two years ago, God blessed us with Victor, a second hand Mitsubishi Lancer model 1996. It was our first conjugal car and we were thrilled to have it since it was a great testimony how the Lord has provided for financial provisions. But earlier this year, Hubby started to have promptings to pray for a brand new car. So individually we prayed upon it then as a couple then ultimately leading to surrendering it all up to the plans of the Lord in the Worship Night we have attended at our new home church, Victory Alabang.

To be honest, it wasn't a desire of the flesh to have one, I personally didn't experience sleepless nights over it although I did a few searches for possible options. The only thing that I felt all through out this experience is that He is bringing us to another level of maturity individually and as a couple in terms of decision making and trusting His plans. It also felt like He is preparing for the tools that we will be needing for a 'bigger assignment' and a brand new car would help us to do so. We didn't really need one but His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His will be done over our life. As His blessing unfolds, we were just right there at the front row seat in full of awe with the Lord's goodness..

Just like the first one, He brought the right people at the right time for us to have a smooth transition. We were able to sell Victor to another couple then one week later we brought home Jarvis. 

It is not about the blessing but ALL ABOUT THE BLESSOR!

Chevrolet Spark 2013
at Freedom Park Aguinaldo Shrine
Kawit Cavite