May 23, 2013

Getting Organize with Little Emily Shop

I have been scouting for some travel organizer and recently Ms.Carla post one in her instagram account so I was introduce to the online store - Little Emily Shop. I already saw some of the products in other shops but somehow I find their offerings more appealing:
  • E-Commerce website: check (easy to use)
  • Price: check (slightly cheaper than competitors with additional discount for wholesaler)
  • Mode of Payment: check (bank deposit and other payments, no need to have credit card)
  • Delivery: check (partners with the trustee Xend - kakilala na nga ko nung nakaassign sa area namin e)
  • Discounts and Free Gifts: check (this is just!)
Two days later, got these travel trinkets just in time for my weekend out of town! I was able to neatly pack my things and now I am ready to roll. Ooopsss... Friday pa lang bukas, I still need to go to the office but later tomorrow evening we are off to the south. Err, more south than my current south. Hihihi!

Swimwear all in one case, Toiletries at PANTIES hahaha (Bench naman yan okay na rin kahit kita)

Pinkaloo Travelus Gogo Bag (Traveller's Good Friend...I agree!)