Apr 7, 2012

Sonya's Garden on 172nd Monthsary

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We had planned to go to Tagaytay today but to where exactly...that we didn't know. Dad-in-Law (DIL) had to work today despite the holidays so it was just me, hubby and Mom-in-Law (MIL) . We decided to bring her to the private Sonya's Garden. I texted a few friends of mine to ask about direction and reservation. We weren't also sure if it was opened considering that today is a religious holiday but we pushed through anyway. It would be MIL's first time, so she shriek when we told her about our chosen destination. We were in the car when she learned exactly where we were going.

On the way though, volume of cars started to build up from the Tagaytay Proper (rotonda) so we decided to have lunch elsewhere instead of dining at Sonya's. After lunch at LMZ Restaurant, in front of Starbucks and Leslie's, we continued driving to Alfonso, Cavite. Soon after we found Buck Estate and saw the Sonya's sign board.

It would have been the full experience if we had lunch there but just the same the smell of the bread in the Panaderia, the colorful flowers, the simplicity and elegance of the place is such a warm welcome to busy people like ourselves. It is not open to the public though, only to the patrons of the B&B, spa and the stores. So we just bought something after taking a stroll.

Simple & Relaxing Ambiance

We are celebrating our 172nd Monthsary today! 12 yrs BF/GF + 2 yrs 4 mos Married
Lord, thank you for everything!

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