Sep 23, 2007

I don't get too watch SOP lately but since, according to their website, Bamboo is gonna be there so I made sure I tuned it. It was a double treat since KC is in ASAP. So after KC finished singing "Umbrella" went back to SOP. They were already doing the, if I'm not mistaking, constellation of stars part. And as usual, Jaya, Ogie, Janno and Regine were the finale but to my surprise Billy step up on the spotlight in his black, Armani-looking suit and started singing slower songs. And men he could sing, ang galing! He did duets with the foursome. Later they mention the music video world premiere of his song "Like That" directed by Louie Ignacio. I got excited cause you know Billy is an International talent and if this video goes out there it will be a nice exposure for the Phils but to my disappointment I didn't like it... Sheesh, sayang! The lighting was bad and Billy wore this all white number reminiscent of Justin Timberlake's Rock Your Body vid plus this awful colorful-hooded sweater. But I like the lying sexy ladies on stripe bed tingy. Oh well what do I know anyway. I'm still waiting for Bamboo. Hope they do "So Far Away" since I read that would be their next single.