Sep 24, 2007

KC from Paris to Pinas

Yipee!!! Kinanta ng Bamboo ang So Far Away and may kasama pang Di Na Natuto. With Bamboo talaga there's always a twist. When we watched them in the concert he left the crowd chanting the line "Di matatapos..." from Tatsulok over and over until he went backstage - tapos na pala ang palabas.

So right after Bamboo, I drag Jasey's butt out of the couch kahit kakabalik nya palang from church and lunch at his crib so we could finally do our errand for the day: go to Maybs haus to pick-up the Lacoste I bought for Erin then go to Erin's to get the book I asked her to buy for me in the US in exchange for the Lacoste then to the ATM machine then Mcdo then talk to the landlady of the new 3-bedroom apartment my dad and I would be moving to on October then back to the couch to watch Smallville 6th season on dvd.

So anyway, kahit inaantok na ko I tried to stay awake for the KC special. And geesh I love this girl. She's a royalty on her own right. Besides the fact na sya LANG ang crush ni papa Jase and that we even named the pittbull that I gave him for his bday after KC. I really liked how they captured her life there and how she made kwento all about it -- TWO THUMBS UP!!! Kaya lang sana they had a better title for it. But the content made up for the not so appealing title kaya okey na rin.