Aug 14, 2007

Debit Credit

7:30 am I made a withdrawal from my ATM account. When I got to the office I made a fund transfer online for a business I am starting up it was around 8. It was a trial so maliit lang muna yung tinanransfer ko. After I confirmed that the transaction was legit. I did the 2nd transfer for the same person before 9. Lo and behold I have a Php 3,000.00++ negative balance. How did that freaking happen?

I reported the incident through email and the good thing was that the bank is just within my office building. Remember the very first transaction I made? Yeap the atm withdrawal -- it was debitted twice. Now I have to wait for 3 days before they can restore my actual balance. Uuurrggghhh!!!

Ano to? na offline yung DB server at nung narestore eh nirun ulit lahat ng transaction. Anong server ba yung gamit nyo?