Jun 15, 2007

Channel 33 UniversiTV

I was watching Justice in Studio 23 Kabarkada Mo last night. I was going to set-up the sleep timer. Underneath the sleep button is number 3 in the remote control. So I accidentally press number 3 a couple of times instead of the sleep button and I was surprise that I got a channel - UniversiTV. The reception is not that good but another channel to add my UHF is not at all bad. Since we don't have Cable TV, thank God we don't! Since we move a lot we don't require one. I usually apply for phonelines just so I could have an internet access. But now that I can surf through my Moto Cellphones (Yes, both of them is working - V3X and C651) and Smart no need for that one too. Speaking of moving a lot, I'll be moving tomorrow to a new apartment this time all by myself while my dad stays with my brother to enjoy his apo's company. Well, technically not all by myself. I get to keep the household help. Giggles!