Aug 7, 2006

Week End

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It's our 104th Monthsary yesterday but we didn't go out or anything. Since nighshift nga si Jase, ayun tulog maghapon... So anyways I spent the day helping out at our family business. My dad, asked me to run some errands for him and I was happy na inutusan nya ko pumunta ng Zapote, Las PiƱas. Hahaha!!! Ang babaw ko noh? Paano ba naman never na kong masyadong nakakalabas ng vicinity of Cavite since I graduated and worked here sa Eco-Zone. So anywayz, by mid-afternoon sobrang sakit na ng ulo ko kse unlike the passed few days, mainit na naman kahapon. Uuuurggh!!! Good thing half day lang kami sa shop and as soon as I got into the house. I went straigth to the bathroom and took a cold bath to beat the heat... Ayos!

Later that night, the Black Eyed Peas Monkey Business Live in Manila Concert was aired at channel 2. Grabeh astig talaga tong si Fergie! Aside from her abs, aba'y akalain mong tumangbling-tambling habang bumibirit... And she would definitely give Mystica a run for her money! Hahahaha.... I really like it when the guitar player starting strumming to the tune of Gun's and Roses' Sweet Child of Mine and Fergie belted out the lyrics. She even did an Axl Rose move with her cap worn backwards na pasway-sway pa. I waited for them to sing My Humps since its my favorite kso di masyadong maganda.

And to APL the AP, hail to you the Philippines' Prodigal Son.

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