May 3, 2014

Foldable Bike by Atomic

Few post ago, I already introduced you to the biking culture along Daang Hari within the Alabang-Las Pinas area. Hubby knew that there is no way to convince me in joining him in this physical activity except for me to have a bike of my own.
He researched relentlessly with two factors in mind: budget and space. Since I am still uncertain on how far I would commit to this, he did not want to splurge too much. Then as you know we are just renting a small apartment and it is already getting crowded with all our stuff so he was looking for something that will not take too much space and is compact enough.
Enter... drum roll please...

The Atomic Fit Foldable Bike in Red which we got from Cartimar in Manila. I took it out for a spin and had fun time with it.
Then in the morning of Labor Day, we went out for my first 10-km ride. I bought the top and my gloves in one of the outlet in Daang Hari. Of course, there were some sores here and there but nothing too painful. And almost instantly, I could breath better after my heart started pumping again (vs. to my sedentary lifestyle).

I still don't feel authentic but I know deep inside I need to this for my own health. So wish me luck as I pedal my way to better fitness level.