Apr 10, 2014

All Natural Overnight Elixir by Human Nature

Human Nature is best known for their wonder product Sunflower Oil for years now and for having a social responsible philosophy in doing business. I have been a quiet customer in the past but this year I have decided that a change of lifestyle is possible with them because of their growing line of all natural products.
And just recently, they introduced a prestige skin care called the Overnight Elixir. An overnight serum that prides to include 9 ActivOil Nutritives in a 30 mL frosted bottle. It is a blend of soybeans and lavender for exquisite softness; passion fruit and avocado for superior hydration; rosehip, sunflower, elemi, natural vitamin E and lastly rosemary for that timeless radiance.
Screenshot of Human Nature Overnight Elixir Page
I don't have a regular "beauty" facial regimen but I wanted to improve my skin as I have noticed a few dark spots already. So after a week of signing up as a dealer, I texted Human Nature - Alabang to order one while it is still in its discounted price.

with Complimentary Clutch bag for limited time only

They delivered to me the next day for free together with some of my minor orders. Shelling out a thousand bucks for someone who is NOT big in beauty products can be quite a splurge. But if you do decide to buy one, I think this would be it!