Oct 30, 2009

The Usual Pre-Nup Errands

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Groomy and I had to run some errands today. Despite the typhoon Santi, when the sky cleared up, we hit the road to do our pre-nup itenerary for the day.

Tatay Tony. Well you know that me and my Dad are not really in good terms compared before. We dropped by his tailoring shop to give him his allowance together with the Lilac Polo long sleeves I bought for him and his invitation. Wala namang kadramahan nangyari parang normal lang. I'm just crossing my finger na wag naman nyang dadalin yung teenage stepmom ko. Hayss!

Destajo Family. "PAGBILI!!!" I shouted in front of Tita-Ninang Nene's Sari-sari store. My cousin Qhimmy replied 'Ano yon?' Hahaha.

I gave them their invitations then exchange reminders for the All Soul's Day tomorrow as we visit Nanay in her grave tomorrow. Tita-Ninang Nene asked 'Sigurado na ba kayo?' I reminded her na 12 years na po kami and I'll be turning 28 years old in 5 days. 'Nuff said. Hehehe.

The Restaurants. Since its a holiday tomorrow, maaga nagsara yung mga establishments. We were not able to talk to Rosello Cafe & Resto for my 28th Bday on Monday and Carl CEDZ for the deposit on the wedding day. Hopefully they will on Nov 2.

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