Aug 11, 2012

Habagat Aug 2012 - Nameless Monsoon Rain

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Monday this week when the monsoon was enhanced by the typhoon Haikui that caused torrential rains that night in Luzon Philippines. Despite the rain in Day 1, there was no flooding in our area in Makati...well not until midnight of Tuesday. So hubby brought the car to safety to the nearby mall parking for the rest of the night.

As we woke up Wednesday, flooding slowly subsided but as the weather forecast mentioned rains could continue that day. The flood water started rising up again, this time at a faster rate. The houses at the end of our street is already submerged under water. Hubby and I stayed calm but alert preparing for possible things that could happen to our apartment unit in the first floor.

Day 2 - 12 nn
In between twitting updates regarding the water level in our area, I would also tweet bible verses and song lyrics to remind myself most especially to continue trusting the Lord. For His loving arms to protect not just only us but our parents who are in Cavite.

Day 2 - 2 pm

Day 2 - 2 pm: The front of our apartment building became an instant motorcycle garage for the neighbors

Day 2 - 3 pm: neighbor made their airbed into a floating device

To be honest with you, it was actually when the raining stopped in Thursday and the water level remain as is when fear started to creep in me. I knew it was the enemy's scheme that kept me worried. With God's mercy, I kept asking for His grace upon me to give me the strength. I was so emotionally exhausted after, that I slept all day the next day when the sun shined the entire time.

Day 2 to 3: The water did not completely go down until Friday.

I don't exactly know why things played out the way that it did but I know God is weaving another testimony with this story. He continue to reign over our lives.

We are safe now so as well as our family. But please do include the rest of our countrymen who are greatly affected by this. For any help that you can extend, you can route it through our church at Victory Fort. Details here.

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